A Present For Teru!

April 8, 2010

Teru is a wonderful blogger, check out her site at http://acwwhappiness.wordpress.com/ I will add her to my blogroll as soon as I figure out what a blogroll is lol ANYWAYS she is an amazing blogger so I made her this award (yes it’s on a children’s menu at California Pizza Kitchen 😆 ) And the crayons there are crap… I will make you a better present soon, Teru!

It’s not much to look at, I know. And I just realized that if you look at it the wrong way, it looks like she is a devil with curly eyebrows… >:^D (The red spots are the CHEEKS, I noticed they detach from the eyes when Sidney smiles)But hey, I did this on flimsy paper with waxy crayons (red, yellow, blue, and green thankyouverymuch) while eating mushroom/eggplant pzza with a screaming baby in the next booth. Hope you like it, Teru! You deserve it, ’cause your blog is amazing!



Liu of Dorkus ^^

April 7, 2010

I love creative town names… this is definitely one of them! I messaged my new AC friend on ACC and asked if I could come to her town. Liu was very kind about it and said she’d open. 🙂

I got in to Dorkus (I love typing that) easily, with no evil Resetti the party pooper!

It’s kind of dark, but you can just barely see bell bags all over Dorkus(x3)!!

There you can see all the bell bags easier-there were so many!

A close up of Liu- I love your beautiful ponytail, it looks so good with your eyes!

I found the same shirt as Liu’s on display at her Able sister’s =D

Liu was very kind- she gave me these cool shades! I said they made me look like Rizzo from Grease, and she looked like Frenchy, so we are:

The Pink Ladies! Yeah!

After this, Liu came to my town, and she kindly bought something from my measly little Nook’s so I might get Nookington’s someday (soon, I hope!) We experimented by digging holes all around us and merging into a Liu/Emma monster! 😆 Thank you so much for the lovely time Liu, I hope to see you again soon!


I can finally show you some pics! ^^

Here are some pictures from  Emily’s town, Kawakie!

Inside beautiful Kawakie, you can find amazing self designed patterns! I love the footprints and cracks!

*Snoore* Oops, Hii Emily!

Emily kindly agreed to let me photograph her town… ooh what a lovely pink rose, it matches our hair ^^

What’s this? 😮 A huge hybrid rose garden!!? How beautiful!

And look at these pretty flowers! Such a lovely spot.

Emily was very nice, she let me use her Nook’s to get a new hairstyle. I got these cute pink pigtails!

Thank you so much for letting me visit your town, Emily. Kawakie is amazing!

Anyways, today was the beginning of my town, Desirée’s Flower Fest. I gave Tortimer a massage chair, now I have a scallop to give to Pascal next time he comes. The golden axe is mine! >:D I am planning my garden and I will show it soon!


Stupid Camera ><

March 25, 2010

I’m sorry I can’t figure out how to upload the dam photos I took last night :/ . I also apologize for posting so late! Last night, I wi-fid with Emily from Kawakie; I also wi-fid with her this evening ^_^. I will try to put pics up, ASAP! She is a very nice and kind girl with a beautiful town 😉 . Oh camera charger! You can’t hide from me!


Hi, I’m Emma. I have had AC:WW for about 2 years, and I got a new DS (my old was pink) today, March 22, 2010. I am using my old gc (game card) on my shiny new crimson/black ds lite. I felt so guilty that I TT’ed (time traveled) and  cheated. The game started becoming pointless for me. I stopped playing for about half a year. I recently got back into AC. My family also recently got a Wii, so probably AC:CF will also appear on this blog in the near future. My first “real” post will be in the next few days, so stay tuned!